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Kulturstationen Vanløse

What is?

Kulturstationen Vanløse is a cultural and social hub with a yearly audience of 380.000 attending a wide selection of cultural activities for adults and children. Annually Kulturstationen Vanløse presents 300 cultural events, among other things an exciting and leading music program. At the library you can attend creative workshops, and at the cultural house you will find societies and volunteers offering activities from zumba to a knit club, ballet for children, tango for adults and many other existing activities. Kulturstationen Vanløse is located in a friendly area close to central Copenhagen, right next to Vanløse Metro and S-train Station just a 10 minute journey from Nørreport Station. Many cultural activities will in the summer move outside on to the roof terrace consisting of a covered stage with space for 200 people while providing shelter. Kulturstationen Vanløse is for everyone and is a combination of a cultural house, a library, citizen service centre, a café, the local council and a professional music scene. The house was built in 2005 by Henning Larsen Architects.

Citizen Service Centre

Citizen Service Centre Kvik in Vanløse is located at the library with direct access from Jernbane Allé 38. At the Kvik service you can order a NemID, and get help using digital self-service. For information about the different services provided by the Citizen Service Centre, please go to the webpage and chose English in the upper right corner of the screen.

Library - Books and much more

As a library borrower you gain access to a wide selection of materials such as books, music, films, audio books and more. We have a wide selection

of books in foreign languages mostly in English, but we also provide books in French, German, and Arabic amongst others. If a book is not available immediately, you can reserve it, and pick it up a few days later. Through the webpage we also provide a large range of e-resources, such as Library Press Display where you can read newspapers from all over the world. You can also gain online access to Ebrary, which provide access to more than 70.000 books in areas such as economics, natural science and history. From the library webpage at you also have the opportunity to access dictionaries such as Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger and Oxford English Dictionary.

Rent a room

Rent a room at Kulturstationen Vanløse for parties, meetings, conferences etc. When you rent a room at Kulturstationen Vanløse you also support the local community. All the rooms are bright and modern, and there is direct access to the 700m2 roof terrace. Kulturstationen Vanløse is a cultural and social hub located in the heart of the Copenhagen suburb Vanløse, right next to Vanløse Metro and S-train Station a short journey from Copenhagen city. Kulturstationen Vanløse is a combination of a cultural house, citizen service centre, library, a cafe and the local council. It is the central meeting point in the western area of Copenhagen, and on a yearly basis Kulturstationen Vanløse has an audience of 365.000 people. You will find a large musical program with a wide selection of Danish artists - both new up-and-coming artists and well-known Danish artists. We always attempt to present a high quality program on our well-equipped professional music stage, and we are keen to keep the admission as low as possible. You will also find many special family events like workshops and theatre. Kulturstationen hosts yearly more than 300 special cultural events including concerts, theatre, dance, workshops and lectures on literature, self-development, music, and much more. In addition we offer more than a thousand activities every week - from ballet to opera café and tango. Kulturstationen is a public institution, and you can always drop by without signing up and take part in free activities like pre-school playgroup, Cosmorama - the public cinema, painting workshops and much more.

Kulturstationen Vanløse is an environment for inspiration, activity, communication and knowledge. Everyone is invited and encouraged to take part in the future development and use of Kulturstationen through new initiatives.